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RELEASE DATE: April 18th Via Terrorizer Magazine


There are many albums out that have caught my eye, but not one like this. L Sol Tace have caught my eye quite a lot, after seeing them play Camden once before and personally knowing a couple of the guys from the band too, they have captured what many groove metal bands haven’t been able to do, and I don’t know too many that have worked as hard as these guys.

This album “Carcass Of Eternity” has been majorly anticipated, not only because there are special guests but the work that has been put in to it.



“Carcass Of Eternity” Review




The Void Of God – From the get go’ this album is already offering pure intensity, with shreds and incredibly tight drumming. The vocals bring pure evil, conquering the realms of the song with aggression and precision. The transfers from verse to chorus are executed and propelled indefinitely, every last note has been forged from fire and the strength of power.


Fall – Get head banging because this song brings it right to your ears! The vocals and drums are precisely placed and delivered in syle. An incredibly powerful opening that literally shudders through your bones. The guitar riffs are the main instrument that stands out for me in this song due to the pure power, and intensity, not to mention that mouth dropping solo from Pedulum’s own Peredur ap Gwynedd, it really sets the scene for the rest of the song. Heavy, dark and mind blowing!


Afterlife – As the title says it, we all have an afterlife, but maybe not one we would wish to have. This is most probably one of the darkest songs on the album, but has the groove that you would expect. A very distinctive use of high shred notes for the chorus, which is pleasing to the ear, but still keeping to their heavy, groove rhythm. The small sections of progression really break the song up, definitely having some influence of a few bands like: My Dying Bride and Gojira. The distinctive guitar solo near the end of the song really gives this a really polished off, impressively tight finishing.


Mistress Of The Sun – A cold chilling melody that fuels this song, but you get shunted by the raw power and aggression given by the vocals and fully throttled guitar tones making the highly anticipated opening of this song. A brilliant use of tones and beats, which really kick the intensity and really makes this sound like you’re being thrown in to another planet. The darkness of the vocals really combine the drum rhythm and insanely low end bass lines. This is a slow tempo ‘head banger’ which smashes every last bone in your body, the guitar solo from Agamoth creates another scenario for this song to change form and make more mayhem.


Rise- Rising from the darkness and depths of middle earth, this song brings heavy to new levels but still gives a ten tonne of riffs to appreciate and enjoy with awe! This is a solid rendition and really shows you what the band are about. There is no bullshit needed, just pure metal and brutality.


Army Of Darkness- Technicality and brutality, what a perfect mix, and a perfect mix that this song delivers. The groove and heaviness are just two things that metal will always need to get amazing results. I can feel a hug influence of Lamb Of God within this song, bringing in purely dark guitar tones, crunchy bass lines and incredibly well constructed drum patterns. This song is really well constructed. I do not think anyone will get distracted by anything else other than this because it brings everything a true metal band must have.


Sinners Game- If the devil didn’t spawn children of his own this brutality wouldn’t have even existed, it brings old school vibes and clinching riffs that choke you in to submission. The drumming is incredibly tight and the vocals compliment the song right the way through, there is an impressive use of high key and low keys, which is a huge strong point for these guys.


Decevil- Open the gates of hell people, because these guys are being welcomed in with open arms. The riffs are technical, have an amazing tone and keep you listening. There is a certain darkness entwined in to this song, which really attracts and deceives. The guest solo from Danny Felice (Breed 77) that springs up nicely, really brings in the heaviness to get the song finished up in pure brutality and style. Its definitely one of my favourites of the album!


Skin- Oh man, this really brings you down to the depths of the earth. Shuddering dark guitar riffs, in-toxifying blast beats and within the choruses, they are soft, yet executed with grace and passion. A very huge influence of ‘doom metal’ in the song. The high chorus notes, intensely deep vocals really work together and make a beautiful partnership. There is a very solid drum beat and bass rhythm helping this song really take shape. The solo is really imaginative and brings in so much more to the song than you could think. The slow talking vocals at the end really finish this album but are so attractive and seductive, you want to listen to more.

 * Peredur ap Gwynedd (Pendulum) guest solo on “FALL"

* Agamoth (Abgott) guest solo on “MISTRESS OF THE SUN"

* Danny Felice (Breed 77) guest solo on “DECEVIL

L Sol Tace members (at time of recording)




Vox - Anton Swan
Guitars - Sam Wallace
Bass - Brian Granahan
Drums - James Murphy